A Guide for Homeowners Going Solo

Do you aspire to build your own dream house without hiring a general contractor? This multi-page report will take you through every phase of the process, from refining your vision to moving into your new home. In these articles, we answer the questions that most people in your situation ask. Here’s what you will learn in this in-depth, DIY guide.


  • Meet Hovik Akopyan, a seasoned general contractor with extensive experience building homes in Southern California.
  • Why many homeowners decide to undertake their home building project without a general contractor. Do you hope to reduce costs? Be personally involved? Be empowered to achieve your dream?
  • The challenges you will face. How much commitment do you need to successfully manage a home construction project on your own?

1: Preparation is Key

  • Understand the scope of the project. How do planning and research fit into the picture? How do you prepare.
  • Follow this step-by-step guide to creating a comprehensive plan. What do you need to know about choosing design preferences? What do you need to know about local building codes and zoning laws? How do you create a home-building budget?

2: Financing Your Dream Home

  • Learn how to secure financing. What options are available? Should you use your savings, take out a loan, or finance some other way? What’s the best way to manage construction finances effectively?

3: Navigating Legalities and Paperwork

  • Avoid legal issues and potential fines. How do you obtain building permits? How do you ensure the project meets local regulations?

4: Assembling Your Team

  • Get advice on hiring reliable subcontractors. How can you vet their qualification? How do you ensure that they’re properly licensed and fully ensured? How do you maintain good relationships with your subcontractors.

5: The Blueprint of Time Management

  • Create a realistic timeline. What are buffer times, and why do you need them for potential delays? How do you manage and adjust building timelines?

6: Communication: The Foundation of Success

  • Develop strategies for clear and constant communication with your team. Do you need to have regular meetings? How often should you check in with team members? What project management tools will help the build run smoothly?

7: The Role of the On-Site Manager

  • Understand the value of our presence on the build site. Should you be there to supervise work? Will the team need you to make decisions? Should you keep an eye on quality control?

8: Keeping Records: Your Project’s Diary

  • Find out how to document the construction process. Do you need to keep notes about every aspect of the build for future reference? How do good records help with dispute resolution? Why might you need these records personally?

9: Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way

  • Get tips on how to conduct your own quality control. Should you hire independent inspectors? What are the critical construction phases when you need inspectors to come in?

10: Final Touches and Moving In

  • Read our guide to preparing for the final inspection. How do you get occupancy permits? How can you make the transition from construction to living in your home smoother?


  • Think about why you want to build without a general contractor. Would the journey of building a home without a general contractor give you more satisfaction and a sense of personal accomplishment?  
  • Consider your readiness. Do you have the full knowledge you need to be successful? Are you willing to prepare carefully? Do you have the right mindset? If so, we encourage you to take on this challenge!
  • Parting words and best wishes. Remember, you must be patient, persistent, and passionate about your goals to turn your vision into reality!

About the Author:

  • A short bio of Hovik Akopyan, his expertise, years in the industry, and his passion for helping homeowners realize their dream homes. Learn how Hovik can help through direct involvement or one-on-one guidance.

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